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What Is Fem-Choice?


Inventor Joseph N. Jackson's award winning software:

Fem-Choice® Jr. Miss software program is designed to aid young ladies at that critical time in their lives, "the onset of puberty."

We feel that 10 to 17 is the proper age range to introduce young ladies to this program. Many mothers, daughters, and other focus groups, have indicated an interest in such a tool that informs, educates and enhances their lifestyle by cutting down on embarrassing "accidents." The Jr. Miss Edition gives the ability to closely predict when the monthly cycle will occur. 

Dr. Joseph N. Jackson designed this program with the aid and mentoring of noted OB/GYN specialist Dr. William Hayling, who has over 50 years of experience in this field. Dr. Hayling is also noted as the founding President of 100 Black Men. 100 Black Men is a national organization of distinguished professionals in business, medicine, engineering, etc., who mentor young men in their respective communities to excel in their endeavors.


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